Satire and The Importance of Being Earnest

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I gave a presentation on how we can examine Earnest as political satire.  I argued that due to the social structure of the Victorian era, which did not allow for freedom to be anything other than is expected (no duality), the sexual repression, and the push towards high society and its manners and mannerisms led to the creation of this play.  It’s a fairly obvious argument, but you can tie the satire in with A Modest Proposal, Fun Home, Elliot’s Invisible Man.  The definition of satire and Earnest can also be linked to the idea of Du Bois’ idea of double counsciousness, and the rrepression of this dualism (He is both Earnest and Jack.  He must act as if he is high-born, when he believes himself to be an orphan.  If you want to read into the sexual connotations of this play, you can argue that both Jack and Earnest are repressing their sexual desires in order to marry Cacily and Gwendolyn, and fit in with social norms.  They had to be one thing, and that thing had to be what society dictated.)  All of my links are in the slides, or as presenter’s comments in the slides.  I used a source for definition of satire named Robert C. Elliott.  Here’s a link to his main article:  Here’s the link to the presentation:

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