Feedback on the Feedback

Hi all!  I’m writing this post more conversationally, as I miss talking to you guys.  So, I learned a lot from the feedback I got from Kelly, James, Zahava, and Professor Tougaw.  As I had written more of a detailed outline than a draft, it was a bit difficult to give feedback to me, and I appreciate the advice I recieved.

Based on the advice of my group, I plan on actually going into Freud and other older psychological minds on consciousness.  I also plan on making my points connect in a more evident way.  Most of all, I need to just get a readable draft out there.  I also realize that my jumps from different sections of the conversation will seem disorganized, unless I am very careful to stick to my main idea.

I think that I’m pretty certain of my stance and the stances of my sources, and just have to weave my thesis from there.  I am currently working on a running draft, and look forward to workshopping a lot more with you guys after the break!

I feel as if it was way too much fun reading the papers of my classmates.  The ideas sucked me in, and I feel a lot better about my (really weird) ideas, after seeing how others are making their (truly awesome) ideas work.  I was grateful for this opportunity, and am so glad to have been a part this process and this class!


3 thoughts on “Feedback on the Feedback”

  1. Aw Chani! I miss you and everyone as well. This is definitely one of the better classes I’ve had when it comes to being connected with everyone. I think we were all at the point of just needing to break through that initial wall and get some stuff on paper.

    I think I have some of the same jumps you’re referring to as well. I wouldn’t be too worried, as long as they serve a purpose in overall paper and move the thought process forward.

    1. Aw! I miss you, James! I was so glad to read that you’ve had a breakthrough with your writing! You have such amazing ideas, and I can’t wait to see everything come out on paper. Good luck!

  2. Hey, Chani. I’m excited to read what your draft has to offer. Juxtaposing the relationship between the two genre’s representations of dreams and how the reader interprets each is fascinating. Good luck!

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