Finals Week and First Drafts

I’m going to be perfectly honest here.  I had to write 24 pages of educational babble (half of my paper got deleted by my computer, even after I obsessively pressed “save.”   Technology.  Argh!) for a deadline that got moved up a week (I found out this morning). I haven’t slept for three days, and really didn’t get too far in my actual drafting.  To give a short summary of what my life had been like today: I actually found out the literal meaning of submitting an assignment “last minute,” due to some technical difficulties.  This is beyond unlike me, and I’m hoping that the worst is now over!

I feel as if I got really into the conversations of my pieces this past weekend, and am in the process of putting together my skeleton draft.  It’s a lot of fun, truth be told, and just a tad nerve-wracking.  I am still mentally rearranging my archipelago ballroom.  None of my people seem to want to be near each other, and it’s sort of my challenge (albeit a really cool one.  I’m freaking myself out by how much I’m actually enjoying this!) to make these sources talk to each other.  I feel as if I’m missing a link, and I just have to leave it for now, and research it later.  I’m working on pulling my major points together.   The nuances will have to wait for draft 2, which will probably get written right after finals.  I want to apologize to my group in advance for what I’m sure is going to be a rather Spartan paper (though it means you’ll have to read less, I suppose.  Yay?).  I hope to have a breakthrough in the next day or so, which will help me tie all of these threads together.  For now, I’m just going to follow the threads, and see if I can detect some form of a tangle or an intersection.  Sorry for the terrible metaphors!

I think that Walk and Gaipa are my friends right about now.  Knowing who argues what is very useful, especially while sorting through a lot of (really interesting) research.  I feel so conflicted!  I love this work, am terrified of the deadline, and am simultaneously strangely sure that I can pull this thing off.  I’m curious to see where this all goes!

Good luck to all!  Be well!

3 thoughts on “Finals Week and First Drafts”

  1. You write my post is a calm anxiety, but truly, “Technology. Argh!” was the calmest reaction I’ve ever heard anyone have when losing half their paper. Your paper seems to be going really well! Even if you’re just mentally re-writing and editing, that’s an important stage. It’s exciting that your sources don’t like each other- that will make a compelling paper. I think you’re in a good place. Your ideas are there and so are the intentions but alas, so are finals. But it’s only a draft due and thoughts and intentions probably count more than word counts because you have a while to fill up 20-25 pages. I look forward to the breakthrough you anticipate having in a day or two and I look forward to reading your draft. Good luck on your finals!

  2. Chani, I couldn’t agree more! It’s a stressful (and strangely enjoyable) process. I love my topic, and really can’t wait to figure out how to say it all in an organized progression of ideas. Getting there is, well, the hard part. I keep drawing out what I want everything to look like, and rereading everything to make sure I know what I’m talking about. I’m also worried about making sure I recognize all of my sources within the conversation! Sometimes they can be so lengthy that it’s hard to remember one while you read others. It’s also really hard to do this during finals. But we’ll pull through! I know that once we have drafts and words on some pages, revising and adding will be really interesting. Keep it up!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re getting some pleasure from the process! Anxiety is probably inevitable, but I hope you won’t have too much of it. I predict you’ll have a few breakthroughs in the next couple of days–and more over the next couple of months.

    It’s great that you can see the distance between your sources in your ballroom. That shows that you have a good handle on them. It may end up being a big part of your job to bridge those distances, or you may end up finding sources that do it for you.

    I’m wondering what educational babble is.

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